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166 - Uzengili - site possible de l'arche de Noe     (17: autres oeuvres)

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Uzengili - site possible de l'arche de Noe (turquie)

Uzengili is a small village in extreme Eastern Turkey. It is within shouting distance of the site that was affirmed as containing the remains of Noah's Ark. This site was discovered in March 1985 by David Fasold and Ronald Wyatt. At that time snows still were deep in the region. as soon as Fasold saw the site, he exclaimed that it was a ship wreck.

Fasold speculated that there had been a pre-flood iron age, from Genesis 4:22, where the Bible discusses the forges of Tubal-Cain. As a former ships officer, he further was persuaded that if iron were available for ships fittings in the time of Noah, such metal fabrication, that hardest available, would have been used.

With the word getting out, a third person attached himself to the team, John Baumgartner, a mathematician with some geophysical background. So it was that in June 1985, with Wyatt and Baumgartner, Fasold brought a state of the art frequency generator, set it on the wave length for iron, and the team began to search for subsurface of the suspected Ark Artifact site for internal iron loci. F1

The question was and still is) whether or not, within this suspected Ark Site, there was any deteriorating iron, former iron ships fittings. If this were the Ark formation, the probability is that of the other original materials except metals would have long since deteriorated and degraded into soil. So, in the summer of 1985, Fasold, Wyatt and Baumgartner dragged a subsurface radar antenna over much of the site as well as spot checking with a metal detector.