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The ANIMALS - it's my life
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Fred ASTAIRE & Ginger ROGERS - pick yourself
The song was written for the film Swing Time (1936), where it was introduced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Ginger plays a dance instructor whom Fred follows into her studio; he pretends to have two left feet in order to get her to dance with him. Fred sings the verse to her and she responds with the chorus. After an interlude, they dance to the tune. (Author John Mueller has written their dan (plus ►)

Hugues AUFRAY - santiano
Santiano est une chanson française adaptée d'un chant de marin d'origine anglaise.
La version anglaise était chantée par des marins anglais dont la sympathie allait aux mexicains lors de la Guerre américano-mexicaine.
Les paroles françaises sont de Jacques Plante. La chanson parle de la fameuse goélette à trois mâts Bel Espoir II. Hugues Aufray en est le premier interprète. Il l'enregistre (plus ►)

AYO - I wonder
I wonder,
how many times you've been had.
And I wonder,
how many plans have gone bad.
I wonder,
how many times you had sex.
And I wonder,
do you know who'll be next.
I wonder, I wonder, wonder I do.

I wonder
about the love you can't find.
And I wonder
about the loneliness that's mine.
I wonder,
how much going have you got.
And I wonde (plus ►)

AYO - down on my knees
Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Down on my knees, I’m begging you, Please, please don’t leave me.

Do you really think she can love you more than me, do you really, really think so
Do you really think she can give you more than me, baby I know she won't
Cause I loved you, unconditionally, I gave you even more than ,I had to give
I was willin (plus ►)

AYO - help is coming
Situation could be much better
much better than today
you know that you could do much better
much better than you do today
but how come you never try to change situation
how come you always escape
out of a serious conversation
dont't you know it can't never be too late
for us to succeed
out of every misery
you can be released
as long as you beleive
< (plus ►)

AYO - life is real
Some people say that i'm to open they say it's not good to let them no everything about me and they say one day they will use every little things against me but i don't mind maybe they're right that's just how it is and i got nothing to hide.

i live my life the way i want i got nothing to hide nothing at all life is not a fairy tale life is about more cause life is real.
i live my life (plus ►)

AYO - lonely
The truth will reach you some day
All that I can do is wait
I hope that we can talk
Talk one day
May your words bring back my faith
For there were too many lies and never much of the truth
Some bad ingredients have spoiled the soup

Right now I'm lonely
You're lonely
We're lonely
'Cause I need you and you need me
I'm lonely
You're lonely
We're (plus ►)

AYO - who
Parole de Who:
Who can I run to?
Who can I run to?
Who can I trust my life if I have to?
Who can I give love to if I need to?
Who, who?
Who, who?

Colours are fading
All the lights gone dark
And it won't stop rainig
Everybody's gone
And my joy is sad ...
craving for Love ...
and happiness.

Tell me who can I run to?
Who can I cry to (plus ►)

Charles AZNAVOUR - a yiddish Mam
Cette chanson a été écrite en 1925 par Lew Pollack (en) (1895-1946) et Jack Yellen (en) (1892-1991). Elle illustre le stéréotype dit de la mère juive, mère-courage d’une famille nombreuse.

Elle a été interprétée en 1925 par Sophie Tucker et a connu depuis de nombreux interprètes, dont les Barry Sisters (en), ou en France Talila ; une version en français, titrée La Yiddishe Mamma, a été cha (plus ►)
avec wikipedia.fr, evene.fr