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l'actualite du jour : mardi 09 aot 2022 - 10h03     (plus)

Ukraine is on the edge of nervous breakdown
The numbers that need psychiatric treatment far exceed the supply of doctors
Ecrit le 06/08 19:03
Emmanuel Macron is not as soft on Russia as his critics claim
But a long war in Ukraine will test European resilience
Ecrit le 03/08 16:35
What would push the West and Russia to nuclear war?
Nobody is sure. That is why Joe Biden is careful in sending more potent weapons to Ukraine
Ecrit le 02/08 19:11
The first grain ship leaves Odessa under a UN-brokered deal
But how many more will follow?
Ecrit le 01/08 18:32
The EU agrees on an energy diet to fight Russian gas cuts
Vladimir Putin wants to blackmail Europe into dropping sanctions
Ecrit le 28/07 16:11
Italy's next government may be more nationalist than Europe likes
The hard-right Fratelli d'Italia are riding high in the polls
Ecrit le 28/07 16:11
Ukraine is gathering strength for an assault on Kherson
Russia might destroy the city rather than lose it
Ecrit le 28/07 16:11
France's nuclear plants are going down for repairs
The crunch in electricity supply comes at the worst possible time
Ecrit le 28/07 16:11