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l'actualite du jour : lundi 10 décembre 2018 - 19h33     (plus)
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Theresa May calls off MPs' vote on her Brexit deal
The PM says she needs time to ask the EU for changes to the deal, sparking fury in the Commons.
Ecrit le 10/12 19:20
Anti-Semitism pervades European life, says EU report
Europe's Jews are increasingly worried about the risk of harassment, according to a major EU survey.
Ecrit le 10/12 17:15
Amount of deep life on Earth quantified
Having dug and drilled into the Earth, scientists can now estimate how much life exists at depth.
Ecrit le 10/12 16:08
Egypt investigates 'pyramid nude photo shoot'
Egypt investigates whether a viral video of a couple posing nude on its Great Pyramid is real or not.
Ecrit le 10/12 13:34
The former soldier who's now a blind boxer
Watch as Paul Jacobs, who was blinded in Afghanistan, takes on a sighted man in his first bout.
Ecrit le 10/12 01:12
Nasa's Voyager 2 probe 'leaves the Solar System'
Voyager 2, a space probe launched in 1977, becomes only the second human-made object to enter the space between the stars.
Ecrit le 10/12 14:53
US snowstorm kills two in North Carolina
Two people have died and more than 300,000 others are without electricity.
Ecrit le 10/12 17:42
'Troubling' video shows NY police grabbing child from mum
A video shows police dragging a woman on the floor while trying to take her child during an arrest.
Ecrit le 10/12 18:34