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l'actualite du jour : vendredi 22 février 2019 - 20h30     (plus)
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Venezuela crisis: Border clashes as aid row intensifies
Two people are killed and others are injured as civilians confront troops at the border with Brazil.
Ecrit le 22/02 20:20
Venezuela crisis: Tensions flare at roadblock for aid trucks
Venezuelan lawmakers clashed with soldiers who were stopping trucks from receiving aid at the border.
Ecrit le 22/02 19:00
Singer R Kelly 'charged with sexual offences'
Singer R Kelly faces multiple counts of sexual abuse, including against minors, US media report.
Ecrit le 22/02 20:17
Robert Kraft: New England Patriots owner charged in sex sting
The billionaire owner of the New England Patriots is accused of soliciting sex at a Florida spa.
Ecrit le 22/02 20:00
Jussie Smollett suspended from Empire TV show
Producers for the hit show took the decision after Jussie Smollet was accused of faking an assault.
Ecrit le 22/02 17:37
Flypast for WW2 US bomber crash crew
It was watched by Tony Foulds, who credits the crew with saving his life on 22 February 1944.
Ecrit le 22/02 17:26
Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog
One man described taking the large dog to the vet in his car - before realising the mistake.
Ecrit le 22/02 12:03
Nigerian elections: Voters taken through Boko Haram danger zone
Witnesses tell the BBC they were taken home from refugee camps despite the threat from Boko Haram.
Ecrit le 22/02 13:25