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l'actualite du jour : jeudi 20 juin 2019 - 17h40     (plus)
Financial Times (Monde)

Apple warns Trump tariffs would hurt its competitiveness
iPhone maker says duties would add hundreds of dollars to its high-end products
Ecrit le 20/06 17:14
UK's online porn age-verification system delayed again
Government acknowledges legislation likely to be set back for six months
Ecrit le 20/06 17:04
Economists expect sharp rate cut if no Brexit deal agreed
Forecasters are more pessimistic about UK's prospects for growth
Ecrit le 20/06 17:01
Putin admits to Russians' anger over faltering economy
Annual televised phone-in aims to show Kremlin is listening to ordinary voters
Ecrit le 20/06 16:57
Adtech industry operating illegally, rules UK regulator
ICO says personal data widely used without consent and gives 200bn sector 6 months to comply
Ecrit le 20/06 16:41
Iran shoots down US drone over Gulf
Donald Trump says Tehran made ‘a very big mistake' as oil prices rise after spy aircraft hit over Strait of Hormuz
Ecrit le 20/06 16:39
Mexico faces backlash over migration deal with Trump
Lpez Obrador criticised even by allies over government's handling of the crisis
Ecrit le 20/06 16:23
S&P 500 hits record high as Fed sets pace for markets
Dollar hit as investors eye July rate cut, Treasuries and gold rally
Ecrit le 20/06 16:06