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l'actualite du jour : vendredi 26 avril 2019 - 15h39     (plus) - RSS Channel - HP Hero

Backed by the White House, three officials have refused to comply with congressional subpoenas to testify on immigration, the census and security clearances
Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly on Thursday threatened jail time for White House officials who are declining to comply with congressional committees' efforts to conduct oversight of President Donald Trump's administration.
Ecrit le 26/04 14:41
Trump says there was an attempted 'coup.' 'It's far bigger than Watergate'
President Donald Trump called 2016 texts between former FBI officials evidence of an attempted "coup" after a news report showed they were discussing people inside the Trump administration who they could "develop for potential relationships."
Ecrit le 26/04 05:58
White House digs in against Democrats but there may yet be consequences
It had been more than two years since Michael Caputo, the onetime campaign communications adviser to Donald Trump, had spoken to the man he helped elect president. It was a span that encompassed special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, a probe with which Caputo had cooperated.
Ecrit le 25/04 03:16
Breaking down Trump's stonewall strategy against Dems
In the week since the redacted Mueller report release, President Trump has sued to prevent the release of his financial records and has tried to stop the testimony of his former White House counsel Don McGahn. CNN's John Avlon breaks down the President's stonewalling strategy against democrats.
Ecrit le 26/04 14:27
Opinion: The return of Archie Bunker in the era of Trump
Since the 2016 presidential election, images, memes and stories involving the infamous television character Archie Bunker, the notoriously blunt, occasionally racist patriarch of Norman Lear's iconic 1970s show "All in the Family," have been circulating on the internet and across social media.
Ecrit le 26/04 11:31
Analyst: Trump's White House departure will be ugly
Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper about the future of the United States if President Donald Trump loses in 2020.
Ecrit le 25/04 09:26
Biden's first day in race shows how he'll threaten Trump
The first day of Joe Biden's White House bid showed why he could be such a potent threat to Donald Trump -- and also to himself.
Ecrit le 26/04 07:12
Biden's bid focused on Charlottesville. Mom of victim caught off guard
Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer who was killed in the Charlottesville protests, said she was not notified about former Vice President Joe Biden using video of her death in his 2020 campaign announcement video before the release.
Ecrit le 26/04 15:10