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l'actualite du jour : lundi 12 novembre 2018 - 18h39     (plus) - RSS Channel - HP Hero

What you should know about the vote recount and what could go wrong in the push to recount ballots quickly
The Florida secretary of state announced Saturday afternoon that the razor-thin races for governor, senator and agriculture commissioner will be reviewed in a series of recounts which were triggered because the margins in all three contests are under .5%.
Ecrit le 12/11 15:16
Defeated GOP congressman blames McCain for House flipping
A Republican unseated in the midterm elections last week has come out with an op-ed blaming the late Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain for the party losing control of the House.
Ecrit le 12/11 17:57
Analysis: What Trump's fact-free claims tell us about 2020
President Donald Trump spent the weekend in Paris, but his Twitter feed is evidence that he kept a close eye on events stateside -- most notably the ongoing recounts in Florida and the still-uncalled Senate race in Arizona.
Ecrit le 12/11 17:15
Analysis: Fury over the midterms is fueling Trump
President Donald Trump is intensifying his challenge to constitutional constraints and governing norms that are already facing their gravest test since Watergate in the 1970s.
Ecrit le 12/11 15:15
Some in Arizona Arizona's GOP back away from Trump's claims
Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's lead over Republican Rep. Martha McSally in Arizona's Senate race grew Sunday as some GOP figures continued to distance themselves from President Donald Trump's claims of misconduct.
Ecrit le 12/11 13:16
Don Lemon: Trump must be really, really rattled
CNN's Don Lemon lists the ongoing issues which may have President Donald Trump rattled.
Ecrit le 11/11 17:52
Abrams' campaign sues to challenge rejection of votes
The Georgia Democratic Party and gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court Sunday asking for rejected absentee ballots and provisional ballots to be counted in the Georgia governor's race.
Ecrit le 12/11 15:18
This look on Michelle Obama's face: Explained
Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote that she was unable to put on a happy face and smile during President Donald Trump's inauguration in her new book, according to ABC News.
Ecrit le 12/11 16:16