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l'actualite du jour : jeudi 20 juin 2019 - 17h35     (plus)
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Iran Shoots Down a U.S. Drone, Escalating Tensions
Iran claimed that the surveillance aircraft had entered its airspace, which the U.S. military denied, as each side accused the other of aggression.
Ecrit le 20/06 16:32
Iran's Gambit: Force the World to Rein In Trump
Iran is resorting to rogue state tactics as part of a strategy to induce other countries to counter what it sees as an existential American threat.
Ecrit le 20/06 16:06
A Trio of Unlikely Partners: Kim, Xi and Trump
Their motives for getting together are deeply divergent, but the interests of the leaders of North Korea, China and the United States occasionally harmonize.
Ecrit le 20/06 11:02
Xi Jinping Arrives in North Korea, With Many Eyes on Trump
The Chinese leader met on Thursday with Kim Jong-un, in what American officials see as an attempt to gain leverage with President Trump on trade.
Ecrit le 20/06 16:12
Joe Biden and Democratic Rivals Exchange Attacks Over His Remarks on Segregationists
Mr. Biden's fond remarks about dealing with segregationist senators are raising questions about both his political past and his political acumen now in dealing with it.
Ecrit le 20/06 15:28
Buttigieg Tells Police Recruits of the Burden of Racial Injustice
The mayor of South Bend, Ind., continues to confront a crisis involving the shooting of a black resident by a white officer.
Ecrit le 20/06 00:56
With More Storms and Rising Seas, Which U.S. Cities Should Be Saved First?
As the dangers and costs of climate change rise, policymakers are facing painful choices about how to decide which communities to protect.
Ecrit le 20/06 16:34
Rising Temperatures Ravage the Himalayas, Rapidly Shrinking Its Glaciers
A new analysis of satellite data concludes that Himalayan glaciers are melting much faster than before, posing grave risks to millions downstream.
Ecrit le 20/06 16:34